5 fun Thanksgiving nail art ideas

5 fun and sassy nail art ideas for Thanksgiving.

Hi friends!
Today I’m going to share some thanksgiving nail art ideas.  If you’re anything like me, you love Thanksgiving.
From the gathering of friends and family, to the feasts we love to eat.
Your thanksgiving day is filled with attention to detail, and your nails deserve the same attention!
This one of my favorite times of year, So I wanted to share a few fall/Thanksgiving nail art ideas.

What is your favorite part of thanksgiving?


Ombré glitter nails, done with a mix of brown glitter and chunky bronze glitter. The turkey and a slice of pumpkin pie nails were hand painted.

~First, I applied Gelish base coat to all 10 nails and cured. Next, I applied Gelish top coat to 1 hand.

~Then I applied the brown glitter to the tips by dipping my trusty  eyeshadow crease brush into the glitter and tapped it from the brush on to the tip of the nail until I  liked the coverage.

~ I took the bronze glitter and carefully sprinkled it from the container just below the brown glitter.  ~At this point, I applied another topcoat to all 10 nails, cured, wiped off the dispersion layer, and buffed the nails to remove any rough surfaces.

~Lastly, I added the final topcoat and cured, then cleansed.

Orange and brown fall nails

Orange and brown nails with painted  fall leaves.  These nails were done using a brown gel polish (Gelish sweet chocolate)  with the coordinating brown glitter faded from the top.  The fall leaves were hand-painted.http

Fall nails with taupe beige and brown polish with glitter accent nail

Multi tone nails with glitter ombré accent.

Burgundy plum gold bronze Chamaeleon nails

Chameleon nails, change from burgundy to gold to bronze! The gel polish I used for these nails is from perfect summer, #40.

Fall nails with Bronze and champagne ombré glitter nail art

Bronze and champagne glitter ombré nails! I used Cartwrights glitter for both colors.

~I did these nails by first applying a light coat of Gelish champagne to all 10 nails, then cured them. ~Using my eyeshadow crease brush, I first dipped my brush into the sun goddess glitter, (bronze)and applied it to the tips of all 10 nails. Then, I dipped my brush into the  Magic dust glitter (champagne) and applied it below the sun goddess glitter on all 10 nails.

~I pressed the glitter down on all of the nails to create a smoother surface.

~Next, I  use the topcoat on all 10 nails cured them, and wiped off the dispersion layer with alcohol. After, I buffed all 10 nails to remove any Griity surface. ~Finally, I applied another topcoat and voilà!