6 fun red nail designs for December

6 fun red nail designs for December

Hi friends!

I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is already over! I had a wonderful day visiting with family and stuffing my face. I think Thanksgiving dinner has to be my favorite meal. And homemade pies? Yes.. that second helping did me in. When will I learn?

Anyway, today I’m going to talk about red nails. It seems to me, that red is always THE color for December. Why? Christmas of coarse! You can pair red with gold, silver, green and white on your nails, and they will scream Christmas!
Below are some recent red nails I’ve done.
What are your favorite nails for December?

Red glitter French nails with painted snowflakes

These cuties were done using Gelish red hot red with Gelish good gossip over the red. The snowflakes were hand painted using a fine liner brush and Gelish arctic white.

Red glitter netting nails

The red French tips were done with a red glitter, and the netting stripes were painted with Gelish red hot red, and finished with a red microfine  glitter.

Bling Nails with red glitter

These beauties were done using Nubar red glitter. First top coat was Gel II extreme shine. I cured, cleansed and buffed the nail smooth. The final top coat was Gelish Top it off.

Red glitter nails with white glitter stripes

For these sparkly Christmas nails, I prepped the nails,  used a gel base coat( Gelish foundation) and cured. I used Cartwrights holiday cheer red glitter for the base. I top coated, cured and cleansed. Next, I buffed the surface smooth and removed any and all shine left on the nails. I painted the stripes with Gelish arctic white,  and poured iridescent white glitter over the top. I patted the nails so extra glitter fell on to the paper below, the cured all ten nails.  I removed the excess glitter with the blush brush.   Then, I applied a topcoat all 10 nails, cured and cleansed.  I buffed all 10 nails and apply the final topcoat and cured

Red and white glitter snowcapped nails

These snowcapped red nails were done using  Gelish red hot red and Gelish good gossip for the base. The capped tips were done using jealous arctic white and iridescent white glitter.

Red matte nails with gold glitter design

For These Red and gold matte nails, I used  Gelish red hot red and Akzenz matte top coat. I painted the design with Gelish give me gold, and topped with gold glitter. Then, I went over the design only with top coat and cured.