Animal print nails

Some of my favorite nails to do are those with animal prints on them. There are so many options, sometimes I have a hard time picking. It’s a good thing that my clients have to pick!

Below are pictures of some recent animal print nails I’ve done. I Would love any feedback!

Black, white and silver leopard print nails


Aqua and and black Zebra stripe nails:

these nails were done using all gel polish: for the blue and aqua, I used NSI dreaming of blue, Gelaze too yacht to handle. For the black I used Gelaze Leather. The stripes were painted with Akzenz gel play paint.


Slate gray glitter and pink leopard print nails:

these were done using one of my favorite colors of glitter, Cartwrights Slate. The leopard spots done using Gelish Carnival hangover and Arctic white. I painted around the spots with Akzenz black gel play paint.


Pink, gray glitter and white leopard print nails:

Fir this design, I used (again) Catwright’s Skate glitter, Gelish Arctic white and Gelish Tokyo a go-go. I just love the color combo!


Aquablue, black and gray glitter and leopard print nails:

Done in Cartwright’s Slate glitter, Gelaze too yacht to handle, and Gelaze leather


Silver and black zebra stripe nails

These zebra nails were done using Art glitter shines silver glitter, Gelaze leather, Artistic color gloss trouble for the silver stripes, and Akzenz black gel play paint for the bkack stripes


Nude beige nails with leopard print:

Using my favorite beige base color which is Artistic “posh” and Gelish Arctic white. The spots painted with Akzenz black gel play paint.


Pink and gold glitter nails with leopard print:

these  were much prettier in person, I used Martha Stewart yellow gold glitter, Gelish “look at you pink-achu ”


Slate and silver glitter nails with leopard print:

I did an hombre glitter effect with slate  and silver glitters, and Gelish Arctic white and slate glitter spots on the accent nails