Nail tip of the month


do you want to add some fun to boring polish? Place a piece of scotch tape on your dried painted nail, and paint over it with another color. You can place the tape anywhere, or you can do this multiple times for a layered effect. Have fun!



Do you want your nail polish to last a little longer? Use a block buffer to remove the natural oils from the surface of your nail before polishing nails. The natural oils in our nails can cause the polish to chip after a couple of days.


would you like a new shape for your nails?

To shape natural nails with a nail file, go in one direction for each side of the nail. This can prevent nails from shredding.


Is your nail cracked and about to break?
If you use acrylic, you can first add a little glue tot he crack, pour a small amount of acrylic over the glue and let dry. them add some acrylic to cover the area that is cracked. once dry, gently file usig a 180 grit file around the area that you covered to smooth.

If you don’t use acrylic or need a quick fix, use some nail glue to cover the crack. Then, use a tiny piece of paper towel or tea bag to cover the wet glue. You can repeat this process a couple of times. Once its dry, lightly file or buff to make smooth.