what inspires me?

What inspires me? I could write about that subject for days. I would say that I get inspired when I read about new nail trends, I get super excited to try them all out. I fell like the nail industry has soared beyond comprehension, and it just keeps growing to new heights. Mainly speaking of nail art, the options are completely endless. I LOVE pinterest. ok, lets be honest, I’m completely addicted! I find so much inspiration on pinterest, not only looking at nails, but also reading tutorials and other nail techs blogs.
I also find my inspiration at trade beauty shows. I Adore watching the mentors at the Young Nails booth work their magic, I cant get enough of it. Akzenz is another place I like to sit and linger, Linda and Gina are my Favs, they are so very talented! I could name 50 others that I love to frequent. But then there is the shopping.

Just when I think I have enough glitter… ( can you ever have enough?? ) I find 100 more shades I know I have to have. Below is my cabinet full of glitters. And that’s not even all of them.

Ok… Yes, I know. I have a problem…


Lets not forget all of the gel polish lines. For the love of Pete! Lets just say that I save for months to go to the trade shows and shop till I drop! I also love taking classes that are offered. I always seem to learn a ton, be it with acrylics, nail art, or technique. I just soak it all in.
When I come home from a show, I am so inspired and excited to share all of my new finds with my clients!